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Messiah Graphic by SaraChristensen Messiah Graphic by SaraChristensen
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And this, my friends, is the only design-related thing I did this past semester at my new school. I took
a lot of core academic courses so that I could get them out of the way, but that left no room for design.
I'll get back to that in February, so I'm very thankful for that. It was weird doing nothing but Psychology,
Zoology, and Bible history for three months straight. Granted, I did have a darkroom photography class,
but again that's not exactly design—it's fine art, which is something I don't always get along with, haha.

As you might have guessed, this was for my Bible course. We could do a creative art project so long as we
got it approved by the professor first and wrote a two page paper about what we were trying to convey.
Sounds simple enough, right? Except for I knew virtually nothing about the Bible. I still sort of don't, lol.
My goal was illustrate the life of Christ, creating an emblem that personified His miracles and martyrdom.
The design is composed of messianic imagery from the Gospels as well as Revelation, accompanied by a
reinforcing Bible verse, of course. I was particularly inspired by the fantastic visions depicted in Revelation.

I began with a crude concept sketch of what came to mind when I recalled the ministry, crucifixion, and
resurrection of Jesus, but my design was lacking. I called upon my apartment-mate (who is majoring in
theology, yay!) and she helped me brainstorm so that I could make the project more comprehensive. I
then began gathering references for the various elements in the composition and used the final sketch
as a foundation for my work in Photoshop. I even pulled out the neglected Wacom for this assignment!
Once I had refined the linework and painted in areas of color, it suddenly became this really cool thing.

I integrated John 1:14 when I had finished the illustration because it alludes to the miracles, resurrection,
and holiness of Christ without directly stating them (flesh = mortality of God in human form, glory = His
miraculous presence, etc.) There is also considerable symbolism wrapped up in the color scheme. White
indicates purity and holiness, while red denotes the horrific sacrifice of the crucifixion. The grunge and
scratches on top of the image stands for the widespread prevalence of sin and humanity's impurity before
Christ. I wanted to be sure that Christ was portrayed as victim/victor, mortal/immortal, lamb/lion, etc.

Huh. I just condensed my two-page essay down to three short paragraphs. Everything is shorter when
I use my normal speech pattern instead of my essay tongue, lol. My favorite aspect of this piece is the
seven-horned, seven-eyed lamb. That was one of the most powerful images in Revelation for me. The
lion was also 'fun' to work on since there are hardly any references of a lion's profile while roaring. ><

The entire thing took roughly 12 hours, not including the research and sketching. I'm a slow designer. XD
Please tell me what you think! It's not often that I create something religious and I'd like to hear what
those of who are perhaps more well-versed in the story of Jesus have to say. Does this resonate with you?

Created in Photoshop CS5 on November 24, 2011.

:bulletgreen: All references from Google. No copyright infringement intended.
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