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EndFear Poster Series by SaraChristensen EndFear Poster Series by SaraChristensen
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This may be the most sophisticated design I have made to date. I received several positive comments about
these posters at my senior review, one from a professor that I deeply admire so it meant a great deal to me.

Essentially, we were asked to create a poster series that promoted a relevant social cause or moral issue
present in the world today. We were encouraged to select one that we personally subscribe to and either
call people to action or raise awareness on the subject at hand. Our design professor was adamant that
these posters exhibit similar characteristics so that they could be easily identified as members of a series.

One issue that is very close to my heart is discrimination based on sexual orientation, having had so many
friends who struggle with this in their own lives. For me, the gravity of this issue could not be overstated. I
knew that whatever I designed had to be visually arresting so that the viewer could not help but get sucked
in. Unlike most of my other projects, the idea just came to me and I made these posters in a single afternoon.

My concept is that the term homophobia, in today's culture, really refers to a posture of hatred rather than a
legitimate fear. By contrasting it with various anxieties that the audience can relate to, the ugly truth of its
injustice becomes readily apparent. This series is designed to call attention to the fact that homophobia is
irrational, insensitive, and needs to end—hence the name of my chosen fictional organization, EndFear.

So, specific details… The counters of the letterforms have been filled in so as to lend an ominous quality
to the posters. I attempted to relate the colors back to the phobia for each poster (initially, the fear of death
poster was green, but in-class critique reminded me that green is typically associated with growth and life).
Although I used references for the silhouetted graphics, they are all hand-drawn vectors of my own creation.
The wasp was particularly difficult to render… maybe because I hate wasps and am afraid of them myself, lol.

As always, I'm eager to hear your feedback, but I definitely encourage it with this piece. When I presented it
to the class, there were a few scowls from my peers due to the fact that I attend a Christian university. Most of
the time, they aren't very receptive to progressive, liberal thinking, but there were a few classmates who told
me that they were impressed that I was staying true to myself and my beliefs. Some even agreed with me.

On a related but different note, what's your phobia? I told you that I can relate to the middle poster, but what
is your ultimate fear? I was surprised that there is literally a name for every anxiety, check out this link:

Designed in Illustrator + InDesign CS5. Completed October 24, 2012.

:bulletgreen: Typeface(s): Geogrotesque
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December 22, 2012
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