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Buchwald Center Pamphlet by SaraChristensen Buchwald Center Pamphlet by SaraChristensen
Download Size: 1950 x 3300

This was an interesting assignment that required us to be extremely professional. We were asked to
design a brochure/pamphlet/handout of some kind that served as a guide to the Buchwald Center
(which is our art and design building at my university). We have our classes in a four-story building
a few miles off campus and so far, no literature has been made that tells guests about the rooms
beyond the main floor gallery. Our designs were meant to be something that was handed out to
potential students so that they could be better informed while touring the building. Simple, right?

But we were also required to stay within the branding specifications outlined by our college, which
were somewhat strict. Our professor wanted our piece to look like it belonged with the other printed
materials for Buchwald, most of which featured a large amount of photography. After studying the
work that had already been done and reading up on what was and wasn't allowed, we went to work.

I went to great lengths to get this thing as accurate as possible. First, I asked the woman who works
behind the front desk in our building if she had any information on what this building was used for
before it was renovated for my university in 2008. She had a great document that explained all of
the history and made a copy for me. I then went to campus facilities and asked if they had copies of
the floorplans for Buchwald that I could look at. Unfortunately, they only had the proposed ones,
which meant that they were about 75% accurate. I must have walked through the building a dozen
or so times to ensure that I had the layout correct, lol. I also made sure that I was present and with
camera at the senior art show so that I could snap some photos of the gallery reception. In truth,
it was a lot more work than I expected—especially those damn floorplan renderings! Jee-whiz.

If you're confused about the way it folds up, I'm sorry. It's not the most intuitive layout when it's
seen flat like this… The best way I can describe it is: A) it's duplexed, B) the top left column is
the outside when folded up, C) the top right column is the first panel you see when you unfold
it halfway, and D) the bottom page is the interior you see when you unfold it all the way. When
it's folded completely, the two sections containing the impressionistic painting align seamlessly. ^^

This was a great exercise for me because of the restrictions I had to work within and how much
I was responsible for. Our professor told us nothing about who to talk to, so we were expected
to come up with our own resources and figure out the kinks ourselves. I also really enjoyed the
fact that I had to photograph everything, and it was fun to take photos of fellow classmates' work
and use their work in the final design. Although the floorplans were a bit of a pain to render, it
was interesting to condense the entire building down to four graphic slices. In the end, it came
together quite well. Let me know if the floorplan guide is straightforward enough and what you
think of the design overall. Does it catch your eye? Is it too bland? Is it friendly? Let me know!

Created in InDesign CS5 on May 14, 2012.

:bulletgreen: Typeface(s): DINSchrift + Bell Gothic
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kittykittyhunter Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012   Writer
:D This looks really good! Well done for going to such lengths for accuracy, hehe.
SaraChristensen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I definitely tried to get it as perfect as possible. :D

It's funny, I actually shared my resources with the
rest of my class since they were like, "Whoa! Where'd
you get those floorplans? And how'd you track down the
fonts they use? Are you magic?" lol, so I helped them out.
kittykittyhunter Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012   Writer
That's very sweet of you. :D Sharing is caring! :heart:
SaraChristensen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:) Haha, yes it is!
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June 3, 2012
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